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Zanele Njapha, conférencière du speakers bureau Agence Conseil Marianne Europe

Zanele Njapha

The UnLearning Lady
Got some #UnLearning to do? Known to her awesome clients as 'The UnLearning Lady', Zanele Njapha is the world's leading voice on using key unlearning principles to help medium to large companies building cultures of learning and adaptability.

UnLearn & ReLearn

Imagine what a sense of AGENCY from each & every team member could do for the business.
In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, organisations thrive when their teams embrace change and be active drivers of positive transformation.

That’s where « The Change Agent » comes in — a transformative program designed to empower your teams to unlock their full potential, and actively take charge of getting the results we aim for!

By embracing a culture of accountability, agility, and collaboration, teams can unlock their full potential to speak up & rally behind company changes, leading to increased innovation output, team morale, and overall success toward your critical strategic objectives!

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